V3 Health Strategy Launches Its Post COVID-19 Leadership Readiness Scorecard (3PL)

MILWAUKEE, Jan. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — V3 Health Strategy, a Wisconsin based next-generation consulting company, announced the timely global launch of its Leadership Readiness Scorecard (3PI). It will provide a unique approach to predictive, proactive, and precise healthcare leadership decision making in 2021 and beyond. Driven by immense provider, payer and vendor demand, for a simple tool to check their leadership performance.

According to Dr. Paul A. Markham, President, and CEO, “This global launch of V3 Health Strategy Leadership Readiness Scorecard (3PL), brings forth a timely next-generation checkpoint of an organization’s leadership performance. in the face of a systemic event, such as a pandemic, this tool will prove invaluable. All V3 Health Strategy solutions, which include healthcare leadership and management, healthcare IT, genomics, deep learning, and artificial intelligence, reinforce V3’s ongoing commitment to improved healthcare performance.”

V3 Health Strategy – Leadership Readiness Scorecard (3PL), is a novel new addition to the portfolio of online consulting solutions. The online 3PL scorecard provides an immediate rapid scorecard of the leadership decision-making process. The core of the methodology is based upon the predictive, proactive, and precise scorecard.V3 is powered by a multi-faceted team of seasoned healthcare professionals, providing comprehensive tertiary level advisory services with access to a vast domain of custom on-demand resources, located around the world. After witnessing the past year in the healthcare domain, there is no more timely solution in the market. Never before has there been a need for a revolutionary change leadership mindset for healthcare that has the real opportunity to ensure readiness in the event of another pandemic, therefore bending the cost curve and truly improving outcomes, reducing cost, and making healthcare more efficient. This unique complimentary scorecard, sits atop a set of customizable advisory services portfolio, leading to other packages such as the entry snapshot scope (bronze), augmented growth (silver), and comprehensive (gold) packages, dependent on the needs of the healthcare customer.

About V3 Health Strategy

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, V3 Health Strategy’s unique portfolio of Next Generation Leadership and Management Consulting services, brings forth superiority over conventional services. V3’s solutions include advanced healthcare leadership, healthcare information technology, deep learning, artificial intelligence, genomics, blockchain, and other advanced cryptocurrency offerings.

Dr. Paul Markham, MBA
V3 Health Strategy – Change Leadership Consultants
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