Peter A. Fields, MD, DC Offers “Gold Standard” in Stem Cell Therapy

Non-Surgical Approach Shows More Benefits to Patients Than Traditional Methods

SANTA MONICA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 4, 2021 / Those looking for faster, more effective regeneration of their joints or spine can look to the “Gold Standard” in Stem Cell Therapy offered by Peter A. Fields, MD, DC, who serves as the director of OrthoRegen® in Santa Monica.

The procedure combines four Regenerative Orthopedic procedures, compared with only one or two at other clinics, that incorporate the use of a patient’s own stem cells from both fat and bone marrow, along with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Dextrose Prolotherapy.

The stem cells are autologous or obtained from the patient. This is important, since many other clinics use purchased stem cells or embryonic stem cells that go through a process that actually kills the cells. At OrthoRegen®, we prepare your own cells with a special centrifuge, and concentrate the solution to produce the highest possible number of regenerative cells.

The PRP is also obtained from the patient’s own blood. And PRP is full of growth factors that help to speed up recovery further. Additionally, Dextrose Prolotherapy given. This added treatment is especially beneficial in repairing ligaments and tendons to allow for a comprehensive treatment that results in pain relief and improved joint movement.

The Gold Standard in Stem Cell Therapy achieves desirable results without the need for invasive surgery, even if a patient has been told they need a joint replaced.

“Resorting to surgery to repair damaged joints can mean a long recovery time, not to mention dealing with the pain associated with it,” says Peter A. Fields, MD, DC. “Once surgery is done, it can never be undone!”

“This approach only requires a handful of treatments for many of our patients, meaning you could see positive results faster than you would imagine.”

Stem Cell Therapy enhances the joint’s ability to heal itself by stimulating the production of cells, which also includes the regeneration of cartilage. The Gold Standard in Stem Cell Therapy is ideal for those who have been told their joint is “bone on bone”, with cartilage damage, and for those whom joint replacement has been recommended.

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About Peter A. Fields, MD, DC
Peter A. Fields, MD, DC, is known as The Athletic Doc®. He is a leading expert in Regenerative Orthopedics, including Stem Cell Therapy, and has appeared on national television. He has served as a clinical instructor with the Hackett-Hemwall-Patterson Foundation. Dr. Fields has completed 11 Ironman triathlons as well as many other shorter distance competitions. Having received treatment to his back and shoulder, Dr. Fields has benefitted himself from these regenerative therapies and has avoided surgery. Peter A. Fields, MD, DC has the distinction of being one of the only physicians in the U.S. that is both a Medical Physician and a Chiropractor, giving him unique credentials and knowledge to benefit his patients.

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