OhsOwn LLC is Proud to Announce the Launch of the Mobile Application ESPR Calculator

HAWTHORN WOODS, Ill., Oct. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Conceived, designed, and produced entirely by a recently retired urologist, ESPR Calculator is a first-of-its-kind app which gives a man the ability to simply and privately assess his total erection size and rank compared to the overall adult male population.

The goal of ESPR Calculator was to create an easy-to-understand scoring system that would give men a better and more accurate way to assess their anatomy, especially given that detailed information of this sort is surprising lacking. Currently, the best a guy would probably be able to figure out on his own about this subject would be if he were “below average”, “about average”, or “above average”. Not anymore with ESPR Calculator.

Publicly available historical research data and statistical analyses were combined with practical real-world urologic experience to create an easy-to-understand percentile-based scoring system ranking overall erection size – ESPR. The app takes the inputted user parameters (length and girth), calculates an estimated total size, then compares this against the ESPR data to generate the final user ESPR score. This, along with some other additional information and analysis, is then presented to the user via a simple, straightforward dialog box. A man ends up with an ESPR of 48? He is larger than 48% of all other men. A man with an ESPR of 84? Larger than 84%, and so on.

ESPR Calculator is completely private and secure with absolutely no advertisements, tracking, or analytics ability. No user information of any kind is ever obtained or recorded.

The app is available on the iOS and Android platforms, compatible with both phones and tablets, and fully functional in both portrait and landscape modes.

ESPR Calculator is not intended to provide any medical/health diagnosis or advice. The information provided by the application is provided for general informational and educational purposes only and is meant to be enjoyed for entertainment.

For more information, please check out our website at: www.OhsOwn.com

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Joseph Oh

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