Club OS Announces New Vice President of Product

PHILADELPHIA, May 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Club OS, the premier sales and retention software in the fitness market, has announced the promotion of Nick Hahn to Vice President of Product. Mr. Hahn previously held the position of Director of Engineering where he is credited as synchronizing the department’s efforts to boost efficiency. “Nick puts a premium on communication to ensure every team member understands how their work fits into the larger objective,” said Club OS Founder and President Adam Stokar. “As Vice President of Product, Nick is positioned to leverage that skill set across every stage of product development and management.”

Currently utilized in over 3,000 fitness clubs, Club OS has seen rapid growth in the last year. Mr. Hahn believes the key to sustaining this growth is building a product that consistently outperforms client expectations. “It’s one thing to build a solution your customers ask for. It’s another thing to solve problems they didn’t know existed,” Mr. Hahn said of his vision for the product team. “We want to create a software that our customers love to use.” To achieve this, he plans to hire more product team members, revamp strategic planning processes, and tighten internal development cycles to enhance efficiency.

Before joining Club OS, Mr. Hahn spent ten years in various development roles with software companies specializing in health care insurance administration solutions. “Like health care, the fitness industry directly impacts its customers’ quality of life,” Mr. Hahn said. “My passion has always been to help people do things easier, better, and faster. I’m excited to bring that passion to the fitness market and build the absolute best software tools possible for our customers.” 

About Club OS

Founded in 2011, Club OS has established itself as the leading sales and retention solution in the fitness industry. Developed specifically for fitness businesses, Club OS is equally effective to empower a stand-alone fitness center or studio or to unify the efforts of an enterprise organization. Software features include prospecting tools, billing partner integration, scheduled prospect and member marketing tools, and automated touchpoints. For more information about how Club OS can grow your fitness center or studio, visit:

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