Masa Tsuchiya announces in-depth study on genomic mechanism for cell-fate change in the field of bioscience

NEW YORK, May 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — In the research paper, they have conducted an extensive study on the general genomic mechanism that underlines the cell-fate change from embryo to cancer development.

Masa and the team have demonstrated the existence of self-organized critical control (SOC) of whole gene expression at both the cell population and single-cell level. The team of researchers have addressed two fundamental questions viz., whether there is an underlying principle that self-regulated whole-genome expression and if a universal mechanism exists to guide the self-organization so as to determine the change in cell fate?

The team has further stressed the existence of a critical point (CP), which plays an essential role in determining distinct response domains (critical states). It was observed that the CP (critical gene set) was analogous to the centre of mass (CM) of genome expression and revealed fixed point behaviour according to temporal expression variance. Furthermore, the findings showed that the activation of the CP was essential for the occurrence of cell-fate change; conversely, inactivation of the CP did not undergo cell-fate change.

Going by the classical concept of self-organized critical control, Masa and the team noticed that the activation and inactivation of CP suggested that there might be another layer of a macro-state (genome state) composed of distinct micro-critical states, which was discovered by them. The findings on the CP allowed the team to systematically determine critical states for both cell population and single cell regulation.

However, Masa and the team have suggested further studies to clarify the underlying molecular mechanism. According to them, “the development of a theoretical foundation for the autonomous critical control mechanism in genome expression as revealed” in their findings “is expected to open new doors for a general control mechanism of the cell-fate change and genome computing”.

Furthermore, Masa and the team have expressed that the strong interaction among genes with extremely different expression variance and physiological roots push for a complete re-shaping of the present molecular – reductionist view of biological regulation.

They have concluded affirming that the view of the genome acting as an integrated dynamical system is here to stay. The research conducted by the team is a valuable contribution to the field of bioscience. Their work will act as a catalyst and will promote further research. Masa is the founder of SEIKO Life Science Laboratory, which is committed to the goal to support the development of breakthrough biomedical technologies. Masa Tsuchiya is also a leading scientist and his research will certainly add merit to the war against cancer.

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