IGNITE Reaches 10,000 Members

AUSTIN, Texas, May 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Today, IGNITE, a company specializing in social and microlearning specific for each job role in the veterinary hospital, announced that they reached 10,000 members in their learning community. IGNITE launched April 1, 2017 with learning channels and resources for Practice Managers and Practice Owners, followed by innovative training for CSRs and Veterinary Nurses, and more recently a medical and surgical knowledge center for Veterinarians, which also includes experts in personal finance, communications, wellness and work life balance.   

IGNITE is a community for one-of-a-kind learning, downloadable and customizable resources for your hospital, and sharing of best practices for your entire veterinary team. Connect with IGNITE’s team of experts and veterinary professionals worldwide.

IGNITE CEO, Jill Clark, DVM, said, “Reaching 10,000 members is one of our proudest moments here at IGNITE. I started this company to do something disruptive in regards to learning in the veterinary space. Veterinarians typically learn the same way: attend lectures, hear a fabulous speaker, get excited, and then forget 90% of what they learned in the first 2 weeks. I’ve found that people want to consume education when they want, and how they want. They want to learn with friends and colleagues, share best practices and not feel so alone. IGNITE is a combination of that, plus downloadable and customizable documents, complete with short micro-learning videos and CE courses. I’m really hoping that a high tide lifts all boats, and if we can take this great learning and keep sharing it and then giving it back and then sharing it back out, like crowd sourcing knowledge in the veterinary space, that we’ll elevate the profession faster than we’ve been able to do with traditional learning.”


IGNITE, established in 2016, is a growing veterinary education company. IGNITE’s subscription-based intuitive learning platform allows veterinary team members to collaborate with one another, get education on demand through microlearning and CE courses, and browse through 100s of customizable hospital resources available to download. IGNITE is a convenient, self-paced education system for hospitals wanting to implement self-guided learning that sticks. IGNITE is available 24/7 to subscribers on their desktop or mobile device.

Contact: Gabrielle Braun, gabby@ignitevet.com


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