Abwasser Technologies Unveils Solution to Prevent Sickness from Drinking Water

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., May 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Abwasser Technologies, Inc., the innovation leader in high-energy pulsed Ultra-Violet (UV) light presents its unique and non-traditional approach to the sterilization of all water pathogens. In addition, this groundbreaking system eliminates drug resistant microbes and removes all organic chemicals such as PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon) compounds found in source water and industrial effluent. Using the Precise Energy Separation™ (PES™) process, the PES™ 6000 lab system operates without chemicals and is highly effective in turbid water/fluids and is extremely cost efficient.

Dr. Thomas Boving, Professor – Environmental Hydrology at the University of Rhode Island (URI) had the following to say after completing a 2018 URI study using PES™ technology to kill E. coli bacteria and to destroy PAH compounds:

“Our tests of the novel Precise Energy Separation™ (PES™) system and the powerful pulses of selective light it generates strongly suggest that such a system can lead to an innovative approach to water treatment.”

Dr. Thomas Boving
Professor – Environmental Hydrology at URI

The PES™ 6000 lab unit can decontaminate flowing liquids at rates of 200GPM or 288,000 gallons per day all using the equivalent energy as running a 150-Watt light bulb. This system produces 14 Mega-Watt pulses in a specialized UV light range that breaks carbon bonds, effectively killing microorganisms to provide a 9+ log reduction in fractions of a second and simultaneously destroying toxic carbon-based chemical compounds such as PAHs. The PES™ process does not allow for DNA repair in pathogens; and chemical compounds are permanently disassociated.

Abwasser Technologies patented PES™ pulsed UV technology meets the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) criteria for use with food, beverages and on food surfaces. An additional benefit of the PES™ technology is that it helps promote anti-fouling and biofilm buildup in filters, pipes and machinery.

Visit www.AbwasserTech.com for detailed information and resources about using the power of PES™ pulsed light energy compression technology or to explore how the PES™ 6000 lab unit can be used to solve your unique problems with water and other fluids.

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