Surgical Implant Maker Xenco Medical Deploys First Interactive Vending Machines Designed for Spine Surgery Instruments and Implants

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Surgical implant maker Xenco Medical has announced the launch of the
first interactive vending machines designed for spine surgery
instruments and implants. Xenco
has launched the interactive vending machines to house,
track, and dispense its breakthrough, entirely disposable spine surgery
implant and instrument systems, which are engineered from a highly
durable composite polymer. WiFi-enabled, the vending machines use an
advanced elevator-based system to retrieve each sterile-packaged Xenco
Medical product before dispensing it to be used in surgery. Interacting
with a large, touchscreen interface, users can select the desired Xenco
Medical instruments and implants as well as send real-time alerts to
Xenco Medical headquarters. In addition to serving as an interface for
selecting Xenco Medical implants and instruments, the interactive
vending machine features on-demand, virtual tutorials on Xenco Medical
products featuring a virtual assistant named Ezra. Xenco
 single-use instruments and corresponding spinal implants
are designed to be both lightweight and easily transportable.

With the sterile-packaged, composite polymer instruments and spinal
implants attached together in each package, the single-use Xenco
implant systems are designed to both increase efficiency in
the OR as well as eliminate the internal logistics associated with the
autoclave process. Existing at the intersection of materials science and
biomechanical engineering, Xenco Medical’s single-use spinal systems are
the first polymer-based devices of their kind.

Extremely encouraged by the market’s response to our disposable,
composite polymer systems, we’ve employed advanced, logistics–based
technologies to deepen the impact our disposable systems make in
streamlining the healthcare supply chain,” said Xenco Medical Founder
and CEO Jason Haider.

Leveraging advanced materials science, the composite polymer spinal
systems by Xenco Medical include the company’s SETx Cervical Interbody
and Plate System, Pedicle Screw System, Posterior Cervical System, and
Lumbar Interbody system. Unlike traditional, metal instruments that are
reused in hundreds of patients until a mechanical failure, Xenco
Medical’s single-use systems are perfectly calibrated and
sterile-packaged for patient-specific use. Made from a highly reinforced
composite polymer, Xenco Medical’s single-use spinal systems have
previously made news for outperforming metal in maintaining structural

About Xenco Medical

is an American medical technology company committed to
disruptive innovation for the purposes of creating a safer surgical
environment. Through Xenco Medical’s line of disposable,
sterile-packaged spinal systems, Xenco
 seeks to ensure that the outcome of spine surgeries reflect
the ability of the surgeons rather than the limitations of their
instruments. For more information on Xenco Medical, visit


Xenco Medical
Maicy Alpichi

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