The Colorado Rockies Select Physimax for Musculoskeletal Performance Program

DENVER, May 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The Colorado Rockies Baseball Club is working with Physimax technology to improve its players’ athletic performance and reduce injuries.

The Rockies are using Physimax to evaluate their Major League and Minor League players at Spring Training and during the season. “We needed a practical, datadriven tool for our staff and players to provide a quick objective assessment with recurrent follow-ups and actionable insights to a large group of players that reside in different locations, all integrated within our day-to-day routine,” said Keith Dugger, the Rockies’ head athletic trainer. “Physimax saves us time with comprehensive musculoskeletal assessments in minutes, and with real-time, easy to interpret feedback.”

 “We are excited to support the Colorado Rockies’ training and medical staff,” said Physimax Co-Founder and CEO Ram Shalev. “Physimax helps teams and clinics to upgrade their standards of care by providing objective musculoskeletal analysis and offering comparable, population-specific, data-driven scores, with proven impact on reducing injury costs and rates.”

– About Physimax –
Physimax’s pioneering technology empowers passionate athletes to improve performance and reduce injury risk, providing an objective, data-based musculoskeletal analysis, accompanied with personalized workout programs by analyzing body movement patterns, scoring muscle performance (mobility, stability, strength, movement control) according to evidence-based protocols. Physimax’s machine learning technology has been scientifically validated and is routinely used by top US academic institutions, and serves professional and collegiate sports organizations, US Military, healthcare providers, and fitness clubs.


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