Seeloz’ SCAPH Initiative Empowers Countries to Better Fulfill the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Seeloz Inc. today announced the Supply Chain Automation for Public Health (SCAPH) initiative to partner with countries managing public healthcare systems. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), SCAPH helps partnering countries improve the operational efficiency of their public healthcare supply chains and accelerate the fulfillment of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). Building on its Supply Chain Automation Suite (SCAS), a Vertical AI solution to minimize waste and inefficiencies across the food and healthcare supply chains, SCAPH allows countries to minimize expirations, overstock, stockouts and cross-warehouse movements across their public healthcare supply chains.

Through its strategic, global original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and go-to-market partnership with SAP, Seeloz will complement the power of AI with the scalability offered by SAP HANA® and the SAP Cloud Platform to rapidly partner with countries across the world — with an initial focus on ASEAN, MENA and East Africa.

“Currently, 30% of what the world produces from food and medical supply goes to waste — a somber statistic and a monumental issue that needs to be solved if countries are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. At Seeloz, we believe AI can save the world by substantially minimizing this waste. One of the fastest paths to make this a reality is to improve the efficiency of public healthcare supply chains around the world,” said Dr. Mohamed Aly, founder and CEO of Seeloz Inc.

Seeloz’ SCAPH aims to achieve two major goals: supply chain automation and supply chain consolidation. Supply chain automation is the goal of using AI to autonomously drive supply procurement, inventory management and distribution workflows across the public healthcare supply chains for each partnering country. Building on this goal, supply chain consolidation leverages the combined purchasing power and strategic regional advantages to harmonize the public healthcare supply chain across regions spanning multiple neighboring countries. 

The Sustainable Development Goals are part of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The 17 goals, adopted by leaders from all over the world, provide a framework for addressing major challenges currently facing humanity at large.

With Seeloz’ new initiative, AI and automation will assist partnering countries to effectively excel in at least three of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

  1. Health and Well-being
  2. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  3. Responsible Consumption and Production

The forecasted SCAPH benefits to partnering countries are numerous and include tracking and reporting of UN Sustainable Development Goal fulfillment, optimal patient care with minimized budgets, and the substantial reduction of all forms of supply chain inefficiencies, from supply expirations, overstock, stockouts and logistics costs.

“AI-driven technology is redefining the boundaries between the digital and physical spaces. Data was once static and boring, but today, with machine learning, things are getting more exciting and dynamic. Malaysia is excited and committed to adopt AI to revamp the operational efficiency of the public healthcare system and to positively impact millions of lives, in line with Malaysia’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals,” said Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad, Minister of Health, Malaysia.

Building on its early success in the region, Seeloz is currently expanding SCAPH to empower more ASEAN countries in better managing their respective public healthcare supply chains.

In addition to the ASEAN region, Seeloz is proud to partner with countries across other equally important regions in the world, such as MENA and East Africa.

SCAPH adoption typically involves a gradual implementation across the country’s different regions, municipalities and cities by injecting procurement and inventory management AI-driven automation into healthcare supply distribution centers and warehouses, hospital warehouses and even across the departments and sub-stores of each hospital.

Within the U.S., Seeloz continues its aggressive push to partner with different players across the healthcare ecosystem, including integrated delivery networks and healthcare supply distributors.

“The SCAPH initiative is a clear demonstration of Seeloz’ commitment to make a positive change in the world by maximizing the efficiency of healthcare systems globally. Given the hybrid nature of the healthcare ecosystem in the U.S., Seeloz continues its bold penetration of the U.S. healthcare market with the goal of partnering with all players managing supply chains with annual spending of $100 million to $1 billion plus,” said Bill Stitt, VP of Healthcare Solutions at Seeloz Inc.

Seeloz is excited about this new initiative and we look forward to working with our partners to help make the world a better place.

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